We made the cover!

Image courtesy of Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

Image courtesy of Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

I’m thrilled to shout out the words ‘we made the cover!’, like some sort of celebrity hitting the tabloids! But this is much more important; Max has been chosen as one of the many dogs to feature on the Christmas cards by Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home!

They recently opened a competition via their Facebook page, asking for Christmassy dog photos. I entered both Jess & Max (Jess being a MDH dog), and although Jess isn’t starring on the cards, Max will of course be representing them both :) Can you spot him? Fourth row down, fourth across! These are the photos I entered…



There are four card designs, and the cards along with a stunning calendar can be purchased through their website :)

Human why do you love to bathe so much?

House re-wire in progress!

House re-wire in progress!

So, whilst I’m staying here my mum is having her house re-wired/plastered (great timing I know!). As I write this, the light fitting in the bathroom is unfinished, meaning we have to bathe with the door open (so we can see in the dark) and a lamp.

Of course all the animals popped in and out during my bath last night, because the door was open, but Jess’ reaction was so hilarious/intriguing! Her expression was like ‘human, why are you lying in the giant scary box thing which terrifies me?!’ Perhaps I was naive in thinking ‘oh if I look like I’m enjoying myself, she might change her mind about baths…’ She did her usual sweet little head tilts at me, which are irresistible may I add! But also everything that has been there for years; the bath mat, shower curtain, toiletries, all suddenly became so fascinating! Her nose was working overtime! She was also licking everything and trying to strain her neck to reach the soapy bath water.

Then I spotted the starfish on the side, so I showed it to her, and she backed away! She was not a fan of her spiky new friend! She was intrigued though, kept creeping back in for a sniff, then jumping away. I couldn’t smell a thing on it, but I don’t have 200 million scent receptors! So I left it on the side and she suddenly became brave now that it was out of my hands, and was all over it!

Afterwards she claimed it as her own, until she tried eating it so I had to take it away… Here she is with her new five legged friend :)



Tragic Dogs Home Fire

My heart breaks as I write this post tonight. Last night a devastating fire tore through the Manchester branch of Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home. Thankfully 150 dogs were saved, but the lives of around 50 dogs were cruelly taken away.

A few years ago we walked into Manchester Dogs Home and chose this beautiful face to come home with us that day. If it wasn’t for Manchester Dogs Home, we wouldn’t have this amazing dog in our lives.

dog selfie

I can still picture the kennel block like it was yesterday; one long, noisy row of kennels. The images I’ve seen are devastating, the block is completely destroyed. I can’t get over the fact that Jess was in there at some point, in the end kennel. Just waiting. I cannot even begin to imagine the fear that those poor dogs must have felt. The sounds, the smells, the smoke, the pure heat. As for the staff, they must be truly heartbroken. Working with dogs you cannot help but form an attachment to them. Luckily for me I know all of the dogs I work with have fantastic and responsible owners and a roof over their heads. In a rescue situation, you become attached in a way that you feel compelled to help these animals and that it is your duty to keep them safe. The whole situation is completely overwhelming; dogs were being tied to railings, sedated, fighting and being transported to other rescues. I don’t know how they’re going to keep track of them all.

Astonishingly over £1,000,000 has been donated in just a day. You can donate here :) Literally hundreds of people surrounded the home last night, with crates, food, blankets and dog leads, and the donations continue today.

I gave each of the dogs at work an extra special squeeze today. I hope the surviving dogs can fight through the trauma.

‘All dogs go to heaven’


Favourite photo – Just Jess

dog smile Jess 

This photo was taken summer 2013, each time I look at it, it makes me smile. Her relaxed ears, as she enjoys the sunshine, and her soft almond shaped eyes as she glances over.  Her smile looks like she’s been through some things, come out the other side, and is happy. Her imperfectness is just perfect.

Happy dog!

Meet Oscar :) 

I’m writing this post for two reasons…

1. As I’ve been meaning to introduce the very lovely and hilarious Oscar for a while now

2. He made my day today!

Why you may ask? Well, Oscar uses my dog walking service, and was adopted not so long ago by his owners from a local rescue. He is a perfect example of how fantastic shelter dogs can be, he is friendly but gentle, bouncy and bright and very clever :) His new owners are doing a great job, and are currently working on his recall, and so I too do what I can during our walks. Which is why today he made my day :) Instead of wandering so far ahead, he stayed close, and returned to every call. When two new dogs appeared in the distance, of course he had a look, but stuck close by. He was just a lot calmer, even had a lie down on the grass! These may sound like little things, but it was great progress, and reminds me of why I love my job!

What’s in a name?

I was pondering name meanings the other day, so decided to investigate :) Once you start you’ll end up searching for everyone you know, I did anyway! My name, Katie, means ‘pure’ and is a derivative of Catherine, which I already knew. I didn’t however know much about the names of the dogs in my life, so here goes…

Jessjess name

Jess comes from Jessica, which means ‘rich’, but also ‘gift from God’. Seeing as Jess is showered with treats and affection, I guess in dog terms, she is rich! When we adopted her (read story here) she didn’t have a name, so we had a blank canvas. She didn’t suit anything too girly, or posh, or nothing so unusual either, just a traditional dogs name, Jess :)


max nameMax 

The meaning of Max made me smile :) A single word came up, ‘greatest’. On further exploration I found ‘macho’ too. The way Max struts his stuff, and has a good bark at other dogs, I think he thinks he’s macho :) But house mate Jess knows how to put him in his place :) Max already had his name when he arrived, and it’s an abbreviation of Maximilian, which he does get called, as well as Maxine, Maxy-waxy and Maximus Prime…


Samsam name

A Hebrew name, Sam short for Samuel and sometimes Samson means ‘God has heard’. Our Sam was originally called Davison, which is also Hebrew, but used more as a surname. He suited a short, simple name like Ben, or Sam :) Our favourite famous Sam is probably the lovely little Hobbit, Samwise Gamgee :)

Have a look into your own pooches names, and see what you find :)