Tragic Dogs Home Fire

My heart breaks as I write this post tonight. Last night a devastating fire tore through the Manchester branch of Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home. Thankfully 150 dogs were saved, but the lives of around 50 dogs were cruelly taken away.

A few years ago we walked into Manchester Dogs Home and chose this beautiful face to come home with us that day. If it wasn’t for Manchester Dogs Home, we wouldn’t have this amazing dog in our lives.

dog selfie

I can still picture the kennel block like it was yesterday; one long, noisy row of kennels. The images I’ve seen are devastating, the block is completely destroyed. I can’t get over the fact that Jess was in there at some point, in the end kennel. Just waiting. I cannot even begin to imagine the fear that those poor dogs must have felt. The sounds, the smells, the smoke, the pure heat. As for the staff, they must be truly heartbroken. Working with dogs you cannot help but form an attachment to them. Luckily for me I know all of the dogs I work with have fantastic and responsible owners and a roof over their heads. In a rescue situation, you become attached in a way that you feel compelled to help these animals and that it is your duty to keep them safe. The whole situation is completely overwhelming; dogs were being tied to railings, sedated, fighting and being transported to other rescues. I don’t know how they’re going to keep track of them all.

Astonishingly over £1,000,000 has been donated in just a day. You can donate here :) Literally hundreds of people surrounded the home last night, with crates, food, blankets and dog leads, and the donations continue today.

I gave each of the dogs at work an extra special squeeze today. I hope the surviving dogs can fight through the trauma.

‘All dogs go to heaven’



6 thoughts on “Tragic Dogs Home Fire

    • The home is in quite a residential area, so there’s been a real community spirit after it all. But how can one person cause such devastation? I think the fact I have walked through that block in the past, makes it harder to come to terms with it all. I can still picture it so clearly, just dog after dog, just waiting to go home.

  1. How heartbreaking! I can’t imagine the devastation they’re feeling right now. But it’s always wonderful to see a community band together when tragedy strikes. Thinking of the surviving pups and their well-being.

    • I hardly slept when I heard the news. Some of those dogs will have been waiting for days, weeks, months and even years is not unheard of, just to have their lives ended in such a cruel way. They rehome strays, so if your dog goes missing it could end up there. I’ve heard stories of owners waiting to collect their lost pets from there, then finding out about the fire. It has affected so many people.

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