The Author



Name: Katie

Where I call home: Lancashire

Where I live now: East Yorkshire Lincolnshire

Likes: Dogs(!), crafting, handmade, hamsters, writing, photos & positivity

Dislikes: Poor dog training techniques & negativity 

My life with dogs & about this dog blog: My degree in Animal Behaviour first led me to self employment working with dogs. Our most recent adventure has taken us to a new city. DogTails for me is the story of my life with dogs, past and present and will hopefully soon document the life of a new four legged addition, when the time is right…

Misc: I currently share my home with other humans, our hamster Theodore and Boba the cat. We previously lived with Sam (the white GSD) whilst we were living with Ashleys parents, and he’ll still make a blog appearance from time to time! We’re still waitin’ on a dog of our own, but I am lucky enough to have a handful of fabulous dogs in the family. Take a look at them here

Instagram: @hellokatiejayne 


4 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Thank you for following back :), I look forward to reading your posts.
    I used to be a dog walker but then i had to get a full time boring job :( Im training as a canine behaviourist so hopefully many many great conversations will start here :) Take care! Hannah

    • You’re welcome :)
      Yep, we seem to have similar interests :) I set my business up after uni, and have thought a lot about expanding to training too. It’s certainly the best job I’ve had :)

  2. The most Munificent Badger sends greetings to you and to Sam, and thanks you for your kind “liking” of his blog. He looks forward to hearing more of your musings, and to furthering the cause of canine supremacy with you!

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