Happy dog!

Meet Oscar :) 

I’m writing this post for two reasons…

1. As I’ve been meaning to introduce the very lovely and hilarious Oscar for a while now

2. He made my day today!

Why you may ask? Well, Oscar uses my dog walking service, and was adopted not so long ago by his owners from a local rescue. He is a perfect example of how fantastic shelter dogs can be, he is friendly but gentle, bouncy and bright and very clever :) His new owners are doing a great job, and are currently working on his recall, and so I too do what I can during our walks. Which is why today he made my day :) Instead of wandering so far ahead, he stayed close, and returned to every call. When two new dogs appeared in the distance, of course he had a look, but stuck close by. He was just a lot calmer, even had a lie down on the grass! These may sound like little things, but it was great progress, and reminds me of why I love my job!


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