Human why do you love to bathe so much?

House re-wire in progress!

House re-wire in progress!

So, whilst I’m staying here my mum is having her house re-wired/plastered (great timing I know!). As I write this, the light fitting in the bathroom is unfinished, meaning we have to bathe with the door open (so we can see in the dark) and a lamp.

Of course all the animals popped in and out during my bath last night, because the door was open, but Jess’ reaction was so hilarious/intriguing! Her expression was like ‘human, why are you lying in the giant scary box thing which terrifies me?!’ Perhaps I was naive in thinking ‘oh if I look like I’m enjoying myself, she might change her mind about baths…’ She did her usual sweet little head tilts at me, which are irresistible may I add! But also everything that has been there for years; the bath mat, shower curtain, toiletries, all suddenly became so fascinating! Her nose was working overtime! She was also licking everything and trying to strain her neck to reach the soapy bath water.

Then I spotted the starfish on the side, so I showed it to her, and she backed away! She was not a fan of her spiky new friend! She was intrigued though, kept creeping back in for a sniff, then jumping away. I couldn’t smell a thing on it, but I don’t have 200 million scent receptors! So I left it on the side and she suddenly became brave now that it was out of my hands, and was all over it!

Afterwards she claimed it as her own, until she tried eating it so I had to take it away… Here she is with her new five legged friend :)




2 thoughts on “Human why do you love to bathe so much?

  1. Hehehe! I had to get rid of my starfish after I found that somedog decided to test out a leg. The toothmarks made me worried. None of my girls will come in the bathroom either when I am in the tub at my house either but will lay right outside the door that doesn’t stay locked :)

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