What’s in a name?

I was pondering name meanings the other day, so decided to investigate :) Once you start you’ll end up searching for everyone you know, I did anyway! My name, Katie, means ‘pure’ and is a derivative of Catherine, which I already knew. I didn’t however know much about the names of the dogs in my life, so here goes…

Jessjess name

Jess comes from Jessica, which means ‘rich’, but also ‘gift from God’. Seeing as Jess is showered with treats and affection, I guess in dog terms, she is rich! When we adopted her (read story here) she didn’t have a name, so we had a blank canvas. She didn’t suit anything too girly, or posh, or nothing so unusual either, just a traditional dogs name, Jess :)


max nameMax 

The meaning of Max made me smile :) A single word came up, ‘greatest’. On further exploration I found ‘macho’ too. The way Max struts his stuff, and has a good bark at other dogs, I think he thinks he’s macho :) But house mate Jess knows how to put him in his place :) Max already had his name when he arrived, and it’s an abbreviation of Maximilian, which he does get called, as well as Maxine, Maxy-waxy and Maximus Prime…


Samsam name

A Hebrew name, Sam short for Samuel and sometimes Samson means ‘God has heard’. Our Sam was originally called Davison, which is also Hebrew, but used more as a surname. He suited a short, simple name like Ben, or Sam :) Our favourite famous Sam is probably the lovely little Hobbit, Samwise Gamgee :)

Have a look into your own pooches names, and see what you find :)



5 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I’ve just looked up Brucie as a name (Its the name he came with and it just ‘fits’ him), apparently its a variant of Bruce which means ‘thick brush’. Haha, think it suits him even more now I’ve learned that, but I’m not sure if its referring to his fuzzy coat or his limited level of intelligence :)

    • Ahahaa that’s a good one! Brucie does suit him, with the facial expressions he does, its quite a clumsy kind of comical name, in a good way of course.
      That’d be a good name for a fox then, with their tail :)

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