The Dogs

long nose dog

Name: Sam

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Adopted from: Hull Animal Welfare Trust (HAWT) aged 6 months

Likes: Getting as muddy as possible & roast chicken, mmm!

Dislikes: A change in routine

Misc: Follow Sam’s adventures on Instagram @hellosamshepherd

jess bw

Name: Jess

Breed: Mixed breed, perhaps Lab/Staffie

Adopted from: Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home  aged 1-2 years

Likes: Training, most foods & snoring!

Dislikes: Strangers

Misc: We don’t know too much about Jess’ start in life, read her story here, but her love is overflowing

shaggy dog

Name: Max

Breed: Shih Tzu

Adopted from: Re-homed from a friend aged 12 weeks

Likes: Cats, being vocal & squeaky toys

Dislikes: Not much!

Misc: The above photo is Max ‘before’ his 6-weekly haircut!

snow dog

Name: Oscar

Breed: Labrador

Adopted from: Labrador breeder aged 8 weeks

Likes: Water, retrieving & his football

Dislikes: Bigger dogs!

Misc: Oscar was the biggest puppy in his litter!


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