Dog show weekend – Day two

white gsd

The second dog show we attended recently last month, (I have been soo busy!) was Pets in The Park. It was hosted by Pet Respect, an animal education charity here in Hull.

There were certainly a ton more dogs than the previous day, particularly a whole lot of Staffies and Huskys. One of the event organisers announced on his microphone that over 100 dogs had entered classes, Sam and I were no. 65! Of course Sam made sure we didn’t leave empty handed, and bagged fourth place in ‘Dog the judge would most like to take home’! Before the class, I heard a worried youngster exclaim ‘but what if we win, will they take our dog home?!’ Aaww!

dog show  fourth place  dog show ring

I also took Sam over to the Hull Animal Welfare Trust stall, his previous temporary home, and they were very proud to learn he’d won first place the day before :) There were also lots of other dog charities in attendance, mini agility, flyball, groomers, our friends from Just Poochie and trainer Jess of Canine Pride, who kindly gave out lots of fishy free samples! Who doesn’t love free stuff?! 

Mowgli  Free stuff  Mowgli

Yet again, Sam wowed me with his patient and calm behaviour, and we spent alot of time with my little buddy Mowgli, a Jack Russell. It was the dogs’ first time meeting, as I met Katie and Mowg dog walking at work. The weather was a huge contrast to the day before when we got soaked! It was pretty warm, and Sam was starting to lose interest by the end of the day. We were ready for home after a busy weekend and retreated to our beds!


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