Dog show weekend – Day one

first place dog

Sam & I have finally recovered from our super busy weekend, during which we attended two dog shows in two days! On Saturday we popped along to the Oak Road Community Festival, with the dog show hosted by Oakwood Dog Rescue. Apart from the dreadful weather, which left me with some serious panda eyes, we had a pretty great day :)

The first reason being that Sam was superbly behaved, he really did us proud! We’ve been to just one dog show before, but we didn’t enter any classes and we didn’t stay very long either. On Saturday Sam showed no bother to the thunder and lightening when we first arrived, and his calm, chilled temperament in such a busy environment was super impressive. Lots of attention and questions is nothing new to us, but he was possibly the biggest dog there, so we did alot of talking. He was also so tolerant of the excitable children, which we had to be careful of, as most of them seemed to give his head/ears a good rub, and he’s just recovered from an ear infection.

Our second reason to celebrate was that Sam came First place of course! He won the ‘Most Handsome Dog’ category. We entered this class aswell as ‘Best Rescue’ and then went through to ‘Best in Show’. Now I know it’s not quite Crufts but it was exciting nonetheless! Plus, red is most definitely his colour!

just poochie

Our friend Sara of Just Poochie & co were our saviours of the day too! She very kindly let us hide behind her stall in the rain, helped me fix my make up disaster and fed Sam all of her free samples :) We had a huge laugh too when his head disappeared into a cardboard box then popped back out with a giant biscuit in his mouth! She let him steal it, and in return I let her steal Sam and take him for a stroll :) Everyone wanted to spend time with him! 

‘Just Poochie’ sell all natural treats; hypoallergenic, holistic, gluten free, dairy free and more. They live locally to us, and of course I am all in favour of supporting local businesses. I treated Sam to some ‘Hungry Hector’ soft baked treats, one chicken, one lamb. I’ll let you know how we find them :)

Still to come… ‘Dog show weekend – Day two’!


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