Do you chat with dog owners of your own breed?


In fact, do you see many dog owners of your breed?

I’ve been thinking today, about how Sam doesn’t have any doggy friends of his breed, and how giddy I get when I see other German Shepherds; especially white ones. We don’t see many white Shepherds in our area very often, but when I do see one, I  do like a good chat with them. I suppose it’s the equivalent of people who have children sharing their cute ‘first steps’ stories, but for me it’s ‘oh, we have a white Shepherd too…’ Not that white Shepherds are superior to any other colour, it’s just what I’m used to seeing living with one. In fact I’m always in awe when I do see a black and tan or any other coloured Shepherd, as I forget just how beautiful they are! (Plus, the majority of Shepherds I see are much more graceful than our Sam, he’s so clumsy!).

Sam was adopted from HAWT, around 6 years ago, where he was available for re-homing with his 5 siblings. It would have been nice to have contact with his hairy brothers and sisters, but unfortunately we don’t. I have managed to spot a couple of white Shepherds whilst working, since I became a self-employed dog walker.

Recently I have actually met and spoken with two separate white German Shepherd puppies and their owners. They were of course adorable, and still had that crimpy, wild puppy hair in-between their ears, and that slouchy puppy sit. They were also both around 6 months old, which makes me ponder as to whether they are related. The first thing I noticed (which you can’t miss!) was their size. Truly huge dogs already. The second was their strength, they could pull anyone over if they wanted to. Finally, they were both such vocal dogs. These three things are Sam all-over. He stands at 29 inches to the withers and 30 inches in length, shoulder to the base of his tail. Luckily for us he’s great on the lead and a pleasure to walk; it’d be a nightmare if he pulled. Yet overall, i’d say the thing they most have in common is their vocalisations. GSD’s are a known vocal breed, and they’re a guarding dog too, equalling lots of barking. Sam also has a repertoire of sounds! Sounds when he’s playing, sounds when he’s excited, sounds when he’s uncomfortable… the list goes on! It’s interesting to make physical comparisons; for example, some white Shepherds are more cream than white or some have a black nose and others pink, like Sam. As for characteristics, I think sometimes it makes you feel a bit better when you meet a dog with similar bad habits to yours, even though it’s probably more your fault than his!


But most of all I like the fact that Sam is Sam, and you won’t ever find another :)


17 thoughts on “Do you chat with dog owners of your own breed?

  1. I love talking to other GSD people! It’s great to be able to commiserate with people who understand the joys and frustrations of GSD guardianship — especially getting advice from people on surviving GSD adolescence! I agree with you on the vocalization; our little girl Eden is very chatty, in all kinds of situations. Your Sam is so handsome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plush-coated white GSD in person!

    • Thank you :) We think he’s handsome too, sometimes in a goofy way though, like he should be in childrens movies or something! ahaha :) Well when he was adopted he was one of two left, and his brother was short coated :)

      Although Sam is very vocal, i’d say personality wise he’s actually quite quiet (if that makes sense!). Sometimes we have to really motivate him to do something, like go outside or training. He just plods along! How enthusiastic are your two?

  2. Boxer owners on the whole seem to love to socialize with each other. I’ve been a member/mod I’d several Boxer forums over the years (now mostly quiet because Facebook took over social communication). Our National specialty is quite the party! We even have a term for coming up to random Boxer owners you can’t wait to visit – Boxer Stalking!

    Also, as it happens, my parents had a white shepherd ages ago. She passed away while I was still very small, my mom says Leilania was absolutely convinced she was supposed to help with the diaper changing process. :-)

    • Aww, you all sound really friendly :) There’s nothing worse than a grumpy dog walker! I’ve had many awkward moments when I’ve tried to start a conversation with someone about their dog and I’ve been ignored! I suppose it depends on where you live/walk your dog too. Since I became self employed working with dogs, I walk each dog in a different area so I meet quite a variety. I must admit I don’t see many Boxers actually, I do quite like them :)

  3. I have a daschund pair and i tried talking with another person with a daschund sometime back. After some random doggy talk, we didnt really have much to talk about. The other person wasn’t really much of a talker. Our dogs got along very well though.. :)

  4. Having a mutt means I don’t really meet other people with my mystery breed. However! I once met a woman who had a dog very similar to Rufus, and it was like meeting my long-lost sister, haha. It was great to speak about what we thought they may be mixed with as well as if they shared any personality traits.

    • I was hoping someone with a mixed breed would reply! I’ve lived with mixed breeds before and I know exactly what you mean! I’ve also found photos of dogs similar to our own on the internet, or seen them in rescues and that’s always exciting too! I quite enjoy meeting mixes, as you don’t always know what they’re going to be like personality wise, where as with a lab or a collie for example you know what to expect a little. It’s nice getting to know them :)

  5. We see Border Terriers quite a lot when we are walking and often stop to chat (I’m half a BT, the other half being a Parson Russell terrier, which we rarely meet). But most of my BT friends are on Twitter (all part of the #BTposse), and I’ve even met some in real life for a walk! Maybe there’s #GSDposse on Twitter or even a #whiteGSDposse?? :-)

    • BT posse! haha :) That’s great! We’ve met a couple of white Shepherds on Instagram, and quite a few of them are from the US. Although, they call them Swiss Shepherds. If you’re on Instagram Sam is too: @hellosamshepherd. However, I haven’t been a very consistent Instagrammer lately :)

  6. I agree with Vanessa & Rufus, but for me with a mutt it’s kind of easy to feel that you don’t fit in because you don’t really find people to talk to. Somehow, it seems people do like to hang around with other humans with dogs of the same breed. A mutt doesn’t have a breed or consistent breed attributes to speak of.

    • Oh no, I don’t like to hear that you feel left out! Maybe the people who don’t want to talk, aren’t worth talking to anyway :) I would love to meet Donna, who wouldn’t?! I love a mixed breed! I socialise with any type of dog on walks (well any that want to talk to me, haha :)) I recently heard about a Pug group walk, but some of the rescues/dog groups in our area do group walks, and everyone is invited :)

  7. When Oskar was alive, he and his brother Jester used to get very excited when the only other Samoyed we ever saw around our area would go for walkies. They would pitch a fit wanting me to let them out so they could go talk to her. They really didn’t pay attention to any other dogs. People are very interested in Mazie and love to come talk to/about her and their Labs. Have only met one other Chinese Crested Powder Puff owner and they were appalled that I let my girls live like dogs and didn’t have all these restrictions on them so that was the last of our conversation :)
    Marty’s Mom

    • That’s an assortment of breeds you have/have had :) And t
      hat’s a breed I don’t see very often, the Chinese Crested. I saw your post about Oskar the other day, he was very handsome. How about cats then? Do you have any particular favourites? I’ve always liked the hairless/semi hairless Sphynx and Rex cats. But I also like the opposite too, really long haired cats! We don’t have a cat at the moment, but I’ve lived with lots previously, and we had a guest cat recently :)

      • Marty is my first Manx (mix) and I must say I think I have found “my” breed! I love all cats, have had long, short and in between. They have all been mixes so have never had the pleasure of having a purebred. I am an animal lover all around. I have had lizards, birds, ferrets, horses, a goose, fish, cats and dogs so I really love them all :)

      • I remember having a book when I was little, about Manx cats! I’m the same, and have lived with an assortment of animals. We’ve just got Sam the dog and Theodore the hamster at the moment :) I would absolutely love a goose/ducks though! Duck was actually one of my first words, haha :) Hopefully someday!

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