Conkers & Canines

Seeing as it’s conker season, and we’re all enjoying rustling through fallen leaves, I thought i’d share some potentially invaluable information on conkers which I recently learned, and ask if anyone else is wiser on the subject…

1. Of course I am not a veterinary professional but I would say the first and most obvious risk that a conker (including the spiky outer shell) poses to our dogs is choking and internal blockages, no matter how big or small your pooch may be.

2. The second and risk which I was less aware of is poisoning, although I have struggled to find much reliable information online. The description of the severity of the poisoning seems to vary from site to site, but for me, if there’s even a slight risk, that’s reason enough to be on the ball around Horse Chestnut Trees!

The internet is amazing, but I always remind myself that it isn’t always reliable, and so I turn to books or journals where possible. Of course in the case of your pets health, your vet is the first person you should consult with :)

I love ‘Your Dog’ magazine, and found this handy page on their website on poisoning in general :)

Just be safe!

autumn dog


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