Chester long legs


Chester is a handsome Weimaraner pup, now five months old, he has been using my Puppy Visit service since he was just eight weeks! He’s the first Weimaraner i’ve known and its been such a pleasure watching him grow and develop so far!

Originally bred for hunting, the breed are athletic gun-dogs, with a coat colour described as silver/grey and unusually blue/grey/amber eyes. It has also been said that Weimaraners are more susceptible to separation anxieties, which is one of the reasons his owners took me on, and something they work really hard to avoid.  Our visits involve feeding, toilet time, playtime, short walks and a little training :)

Chesters hobbies include…

1. Stealing the toilet roll and ‘TPing’ (a new term i’ve learnt!) the garden

2. Fighting with dried out holly leaves, as they spike him on the nose

3. Running off with shoes, bags, undies…

4. Being slobbery and getting more water on the floor than in his mouth

5. Serious one now! Doing exceptionally well at training (he really impresses me!)

That’s just a little of what we get up to on our visits, as well as taking dashing photos!


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