Sticky situation!

I have been living with German Shepherd Sam for about one year now, and have seen quite a difference in our training sessions :) Although well behaved and good with his general obedience, he has only done a little training in the form of specific ‘sessions’ designed for him to learn additional behaviours, such as a ‘spin’ for example. He has just been taught what he knows day to day :)  So when I moved here I was excited to start teaching him some novel tasks!

During our first couple of sessions, Sam was very excitable, but also lacked concentration and wandered. As time progressed our sessions started to last longer, as he really started to focus, and he now recognises our ‘training box’ ( in which I keep my clicker and extra tasty training treats!) and he’s alert and ready to go! It didn’t take long for him to pick these things up, but I’m really proud of him for doing so!

I’m planning on adding training videos to DogTailsBlog, not just of Sam but other dogs I may train too :)

Anyway! I just thought i’d share these photos and a little training tale! Yesterday myself and Sam were working on ‘hide’. There are a couple of different ways to teach this, I was using the method of placing a little sticker upon his nose, to elicit the response of him touching his nose with his paw, then click and reward…


Now, this method doesn’t work with all dogs, and that’s a big part of training and being a trainer, learning what works with the dog you’re working with. So, some dogs will paw at their nose to remove the sticker, Sam however, did not! I couldn’t help but laugh when he happily stared back at me completely oblivious to the sticker on his nose :) I tried it near the end of his nose, the side, closer to his eyes, and it just didn’t faze him! I took these photos a couple of minutes after our session, with it still on his nose! I did finally remove it though, honest! Now time for plan B…

'I thought you were supposed to be teaching me something?'

‘I thought you were supposed to be teaching me something?’


2 thoughts on “Sticky situation!

  1. This is way too funny. I’ve never heard of teaching a dog “hide,” like this, but it sounds like a great idea! Unless your dog is perfectly happy to have a sticker on his nose of course. :) The most advanced thing I’ve ever taught my dog was “Go get Ravioli,” and that only worked because Ravioli was her favorite stuffed turtle and she pretty much always carried him around in her mouth! I like this idea a lot, I’ll make sure to look on your blog for other training tips!


    • Hello :)
      Thanks for taking a look at DogTails :) Any other ideas on teaching ‘hide’ are welcome! Tickling/scratching his nose didn’t work either…
      While we had nice weather recently we did some jumps and weaves in the garden instead!
      I’ve just visited and followed your blog, I’m a big rescue supporter too :)

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