Hello 2013 & Our Christmas diary


Today is the 1st January, and this is my first DogTailsBlog post of 2013 :) My Christmas was lovely, but just missing one thing… snow! Never mind, it will come soon. Over the festive period I was busy, busy, busy! My family are a little spread out, so I have a bit of travelling to do when it comes to Christmas time. As usual we ate delicious food, watched lots of films and wrapped tons of presents… and of course the animals were more spoilt than the humans!

So my Christmas looked like this…

Oscar insisting on walking down the stream while I walked alongside on the path, whilst visiting my dad!

IMG_4106 IMG_4082

Max sporting his new coat on Christmas Eve Eve with Jess, when I got to my mums house :)











Watching 101 Dalmatians and just having fun :)


Jess & Max fashioning their Christmas bow ties, and pulling crackers!

IMG_4293 IMG_4297

Although I didn’t spend Christmas Day with Sam at home in Hull, he had lots of fun with everyone here and of course got lots of presents, and even more when I arrived back on New Years Eve Eve :)

4 (1)

So that’s Christmas 2012. I’m still waiting for someone to ask me ‘Oh, what’s your New Years resolution?’. But I don’t have one, and never do. A new year doesn’t have to mean a new you, you can make good things happen any time of year :) In 2012 I got my degree, and started my own business, and now i’m excited to expand on that and watch it grow in 2013 :)

Happy New Year, hope your 2013 is full of wonderfully wet noses & waggy tails! 


4 thoughts on “Hello 2013 & Our Christmas diary

    • Exactly :) I always wonder what they’re thinking about Christmas, with all the lights and tree and everything! And why they insist on sitting on the paper while you’re in the middle of wrapping presents! Thanks for reading :)

  1. Congratulations on the degree and business….that takes courage and I am excited for you to see it succeed. I think your puppies are beautiful and your Christmas looked absolutely perfect. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a good canine buddy or two and where you live and took your walk is so beautiful. You can read how my puppy spent her Christmas on http://whymerainyday.wordpress.com where we celebrated in lots of snow. I wanted you to know your blog actually was the inspiration for my blog for Rainy, my Weimaraner.
    Happy New Year

    • Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed your comment somehow!
      Thank you for your kind words, i’m excited about the business too :)! I can’t imagine my life not working with dogs in some way!
      The snow in your photos looks lovely. So sparkly! I always wonder what dogs really think of the snow!

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