Fireworks and phobias…

Good evening :)

As i’m writing this I can hear the bangs, whistles and crackles of the fireworks outside, and it’s not even the 5th November yet. The fireworks have reminded me of a website I came across a few days ago which I thought i’d share with fellow dog owners…

The website, called ‘Through a dog’s ear’, explains how and why music can be therapeutic to dogs. I found it quite interesting and very informative, particularly the science behind the idea. The whole website is great, but the page I have shared below is the ‘samples’ page. Here, you and your canine companion can listen to various samples of music designed for a range of different situations, from car journeys to thunderstorms. It’s an incredibly useful website, particularly during this time of year, hence why I wanted to share!

So take a look, and stay safe with your four legged friends at this time of year! 


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