Meet Alfie and Bea :) Who today are making a guest appearance on DogTailsBlog!

The brother and sister duo are the latest additions at my dads house, and oh they are adorable! Alfie is the very lovely and very stripy kitten on the left :) He is the bigger and braver of the two, and settled in quite quickly. On the right is his tiny little sister Bea, the more delicate and quiet sibling. They moved in around August time, and Oscar couldn’t wait to meet them…

Meeting Alfie…

Being your typical black Lab, Oscar loves splashing around in water on walks, rolling in goodness knows what, eating, well anything, and he never tires of a game of fetch with his football.And although he is heavy and boisterous and has a painfully whipping tail, he has good intentions :) He just wants to make friends! But of course the kittens weren’t as keen to become best buddies with a giant, black, noisy, sniffing, strange smelling…thing!

They were definitely intrigued by him, but poor Oscar just scared them off as soon as his excited tail began thudding up and down on the wooden floorboards when they approached. Then he would just look up at us as if to say ‘But I just want to playyy…pleeease!’

Luckily, this stage didn’t last too long…and now the trio are friends! Hooray! They even sleep together, and Oscar has also downsized and started squeezing himself into the cat bed!

Alfie’s discovered a new toy…

‘I will fit into this bed…’









‘Talk to the paw…’

Watching the world go by…


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