Kong recipe – Roast Lolly

Of all the dogs currently in my life, Jess is most definitely the Kong’s biggest fan! This is probably due to her love of foodbut also her persistent nature, when she wants something she won’t give up! So on my recent trip to my mums house I took the opportunity of using the leftovers from our own meal to create a new Kong recipe… and I think it was a success!

‘Roast lolly’ 


  • mashed potato
  • roast chicken
  • garden peas
  • chicken stock

Like I said, this is a really great filler for using up leftovers :) The ingredients are layered, starting with the mashed potato sealing the small hole in the end of the Kong. Next comes a layer of chopped up roast chicken (yum!) followed by a topping of lovely green peas. The chicken stock, which I watered down slightly, is then gently poured into the Kong so it can be soaked up by all of the layers. I then tightly wrapped the Kong in cling film to hold in any stock that might leak out, and then popped it in the freezer overnight!

Stuffed and ready to freeze!

The verdict 

Of all the Kong fillers we’ve tried so far, this recipe took the longest to consume! Shih Tzu Max took 35 minutes to clean his Kong out, where as Jess was still working at it after an hour! Although, I think the mashed potato proved a little tricky for her as it was so soft, so I helped her along with it to prevent any frustration or stress. In terms of taste it smelt yummy and there were no leftovers from this meal! It also didn’t create any mess (but this may depend on the individual dog!) and there were no leakages in the freezer of the chicken stock. In future, I might swap the mashed potato for mashed sweet potato instead, I love sweet potato so maybe they will too!


4.5/5 woofs!

p.s Kong toys are also great for feeding your companion their main meals, but this recipe is a ‘treat’ remember to adjust your dogs diet accordingly when using recipes like this!

‘I’m watching you…’


2 thoughts on “Kong recipe – Roast Lolly

  1. That is such a great idea! I’ve never put leftovers in a kong, only peanut butter or cream cheese. I will have to try this and see how long it takes tr puppies to figure it out!

    • Aww thanks :)!
      Another use for chicken stock is to simply fill the Kong with it (sealing the little hole first!) and then freeze it, making a giant meaty ice cube/lolly!
      Hope your dogs approve!

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