Portable water bottle – product review

Hello. I haven’t posted on DogTails for about a week or so, as i’ve been really busy especially with my graduation ceremony! I am now a bachelor of science! My honours degree is in Animal Behaviour :) The whole graduation; the venue, the ceremony itself, the gown, the people, everything made it the perfect day! So on with the review…

Before I continue, this review is purely my own thoughts on the item, that I hope you will find useful too :)

Portable dog water bottle 

  • Cost: £1.00 upwards
  • Where from? I have seen them both in pet stores & online
  • Summary of the product: The portable water bottle, designed for dogs, is a useful method of carrying and feeding water to your four legged friend when out and about

How does it work? 

The plastic bottle has an attached ‘tray’ which fits snugly around the bottle when closed up and on the move, and is where your dog takes their drink from. It also has a clip on the end, which could be used to attach the bottle to yourself or a rucksack for example.

Squeezing the bottle fills the tray with water for your dog to lap up

Squeezing the bottle fills the tray with water for your dog to lap up

The verdict

The main thing I love about this product is the price! It’s probably one of our most used products but also the cheapest, and in this case low price doesn’t mean low quality. We’ve had the same bottle for about 3 years now, and so far it has no damages, and hasn’t leaked once. I bought it a while back now, but I have since seen it for sale online and in pet stores, although for a few pounds more, with slightly different variations.

I also like the fact that it is an ‘all in one’ product. For example, fold up bowls are handy, but you still have to bring the water separately. Our dogs don’t seem to have a problem drinking from it either.

It is likely that if you’re walking a considerably long distance, hiking for example, or it is a particularly hot day, that you will need more water than this bottle can carry, so it may not be suitable for all occasions. However, it is absolutely adequate for trips to the park in normal weather! Overall, this water bottle is a dog walking essential, so useful for such little price!


4/5 woofs!

Happy walking!

Happy walking!


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