Sam’s story

Today we went to an open day at Hull Animal Welfare Trust, which is where our lovely Sam was adopted from :) They were celebrating their 30th anniversary! Seeing as though we visited Sam’s previous but temporary home today, I thought i’d tell his tale!

Sam is an eye-catching white German Shepherd, often mistaken for other breeds. My boyfriend and his family had lost a rescue German Shepherd named Ben, a few years before, who I never got to meet. The whole family love the breed, so when deciding on another dog in 2008 were set on the German Shepherd. They were instantly drawn to Sam, who had been taken to Hull Animal Welfare Trust with his five litter-mates. There were two of the five month old puppies left, Sam, who was originally called Davison and his brother. The pair were opposites, with Sam being long haired and laid back, and his brother being short haired, boisterous and lively. Although tempted to adopt both dogs, they chose Sam, and his brother was adopted soon after. I finally got to meet Sam on his first day home, although he was only 5 months old, for a moment you’d forget he was still a puppy! He was big!

Now Sam is about four and a half years old, and he’s even bigger…

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His favourite toy is his red teddy, and his best trick is ‘spin’. He likes to perch his bum on the edge of a chair, and loves being tickled and brushed with a soft broom! Overall he’s well behaved, friendly, loyal and funny, he’s just a big soft bear! Today we met such a variety of dogs waiting to be re-homed, each lovely in their own way, ranging from a dotty dalmatian to a petite pomeranian cross. Hull Animal Welfare Trust houses a variety of animals, as well as dogs, today we saw some lovely cats and very cute bunnies! The open day seemed busy, and hopefully raised lots of money for the deserving animals!

Visit their website at


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