The power of the Kong!

The Kong Classic is most definitely one of my favourite dog toys, and i’m sure that applies for most dog owners reading this post! People who know me will know i’m always raving on about the benefits of the Kong, and I get excited deciding what to fill them with next! One of my motivations for creating DogTailsBlog was to review doggy products, so I thought i’d share some of my tasty Kong fillings!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Kong classic toy, they are made of a tough, durable rubber, and a hole at one end enables them to be stuffed with various delicious fillings. They make mealtimes more challenging and rewarding, providing much needed mental stimulation to our doggy friends! In terms of behavioural advantages the toy stimulates food searching behaviours, as they are seeking out the food within the object and any pieces falling out. They also provide an opportunity to chew, which although is often reported as a nuisance by owners is really a natural behaviour for dogs, and so providing this opportunity sooner rather than later may be beneficial to both us and our companions!

Anyway, back to the fillings! So every so often when me and my dogs try a new filling I will share and rate!

‘Cheese n’ nut butter’


  • cubes of cheese
  • smooth peanut butter

This is a really simple filler, but due to the stickiness of the peanut butter it is quite challenging! You just mix together the cheese cubes and peanut butter, cram into the Kong, and seal with a little more peanut butter. It could even be popped in the freezer, but as this was the dogs’ first time with peanut butter I thought it was tricky enough for a first go, maybe next time.

The verdict 

Very sticky! I think they found the taste a little odd at first and there was a lot of lip licking, but Jess and Max still made sure the Kong was clean by the end of it! In terms of taste, they seemed to enjoy it but i’d maybe add more to that recipe in the future as I imagine it might be a bit ‘samey’ after a while. Also the two ingredients are both quite rich so this filler would have to be an occasional treat. Watching the pair of them, it did look quite challenging and they really were trying hard, before finishing about half an hour later.


3.5/5 woofs!

p.s Remember to adjust your dogs diet accordingly if they’re having filled Kongs as treats. Also dogs can get allergies just like us, so be careful there too. As far as I know peanut butter contains vitamins that promote shiny coats and aid the immune system so there are benefits! Just remember to give in moderation!

Letting Jess lick the spoon!

Letting Jess lick the spoon!



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