Hello! I’m Katie, and welcome to DogTailsBlog! I currently have four dogs in my life, Jess, Max, Sam and Oscar, amongst other small furry animals! They will be joining me on my journey of blogging; reviewing dog products, Kong toy fillers, sharing hints and tips and just day to day doggy adventures!

As for my four legged friends, Jess is my lovely rescue dog. She stayed with my mum while I went to university, and is still living there while I get myself settled and steady, now that i’ve graduated. She was adopted from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home, and was very nervous and uncomfortable around people and dogs when we brought her home. She still isn’t 100% sure about some things but she has come a long way, and is the main reason I encourage adopting dogs from a shelter (which I will talk about lots in my posts!)

Max is my mums dog, and he’s a very mischievous little Shih Tzu! Although he can be cheeky, he has ‘a look’ which usually gets him out of trouble!

I have recently moved in with Sam, a great big white German Shepherd. He’s a rescue dog too, adopted as a puppy from Hull Animal Welfare Trust by my boyfriend and his family. He’s definitely the biggest dog I know, but also one of the softest!

And last but not least there’s Oscar, a boisterous black Labrador who is owned by my dad and his partner. I have never met a dog that loves his football as much as he does!

So those are my canine companions, making my blogging experience complete with waggy tails, wet noses and muddy paws x


3 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. They are all gorgeous. We tried so hard to find a dog we could rescue but we felt we didn’t have the experience to cope with the problems of the dogs that we were told would be suitable for us. It is so wonderful that there are people like your family who open their hearts and give rescue dogs another chance :-) Avis x

    • Thankyou :)!
      Your puppy is lovely, especially his marking :)
      Living with a rescue dog can be difficult at times, but it is also very rewarding! Jess for example has presented us with a few challenges over the past few years! But that’s all part of the adventure! Where as Sam on the other hand, who is also a rescue dog, is a well balanced dog really. But it is good that you were advised on whether or not certain dogs would suit your lifestyle/experience etc, and so have chosen your dog accordingly :) Maybe with the experience you gain from Archie you might be in the position to rehome a shelter dog in the future!
      Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, i’ve only just started it up really, so there’s lots more to come! I look forward to reading about yours and Archie’s adventures!
      Katie x

      • Archie’s blog has just started too but I also have a quilting one which I started in December. It is a great way to share a diary and tutorials :D Avis x

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